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Artwork of Gary Pember Artwork of Gary Pember

Waiting under a red train order signal set by the operator at St. Regis, Montana, Northern Pacific Locomotive No. 5138 and her crew wait for new orders from the dispatcher on June 17, 1943. Based on a photograph by Ron V. Nixon.

Eastbound To Three Forks
Picture: Eastbound To Three Forks
Viewed: 1161 time(s)

Deer Lodge Roundhouse
Picture: Deer Lodge Roundhouse
Viewed: 1037 time(s)

Hansens Creek Trestle
Picture: Hansens Creek Trestle
Viewed: 1227 time(s)

Humpback Creek Snowshed
Picture: Humpback Creek Snowshed
Viewed: 1031 time(s)

Holding The Main At St. Regis
Picture: Holding The Main At St. Regis
Viewed: 1195 time(s)

Helper At Livingston
Picture: Helper At Livingston
Viewed: 952 time(s)

Northern Pacific No. 5140
Picture: Northern Pacific No. 5140
Viewed: 1102 time(s)

Route of the Olympian Hiawatha
Picture: Route of the Olympian Hiawatha
Viewed: 1292 time(s)

Detouring Through Missoula
Picture: Detouring Through Missoula
Viewed: 1019 time(s)

McClellan Butte
Picture: McClellan Butte
Viewed: 1135 time(s)

Picture: Streamliner
Viewed: 904 time(s)

Nine Mile Tunnel
Picture: Nine Mile Tunnel
Viewed: 987 time(s)

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